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Chill out to those Lapwing vibes!

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Lapwing Media Project Students

Lapwing Media Project Students

by Nick Cottam, Suffolk journalist and volunteer Lapwing contributor

The winter months may be cold along Felixstowe sea front but there’s been a warm vibe coming from our local media project. Holed up in the bowels of the old Coe’s (the outfitters) building on Hamilton Road our students have been putting together their own radio show as part of the Lapwing Felixstowe Media Project. Visiting the project on a chilly February night, I met up with lead tutor Jayne Kingshott, coach Adam Ciappi and student Craig Battle, a technical whizz with the studio equipment who lives for the music.  Also in attendance were students Laura and Josh – all of us packed into our Felixstowe Radio bunker as another Lapwing music and chat show reached out to the local audience.

“Getting my voice out over the radio has given me a chance to express myself,” says Craig as he ducked and dived to keep the show on the road. “Music is an escape for me – particularly hip hop from 1985 to 2003.”

By the time it is finished, the project, which is funded by Suffolk Coastal District Council, will have given 10 Lapwing students a chance to experience the challenges, drama and excitement of putting together their own radio show – everything from interviewing local people of all ages to learning how to produce and present the show.

“So much of this is about self expression and confidence and it is great to see how much our students are getting from the project,” explained Jayne.

Watching the team cue up the music and cut in with an announcement I could see what she meant. Terry Wogan himself would have been proud of them!

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