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“I’m always learning new things and these are going to lead to me getting a qualification in fishing. The qualification is with AQA and has been designed for me. I learn all sorts of things about fishing like understanding the weather, biology, how to make things, how to be safe, how to tell different fish species and lots of other stuff.”
Daniel, current Lapwing student

“In the afternoon I play on the Soundbeam – I love singing the songs we have made up about my days here at the Walled Garden. My favourite song is called the Mark Song, it also helps me with my posture and concentration.”
Mark, current Lapwing student

“This is my third year with Lapwing. I enjoy a full programme – learning new skills and using skills I already have like IT, digital photography, gardening and cooking.”
Toby, Lapwing student and current editor of The Lapwing Newsletter