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More Fishy Tales…

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Last time I wrote a piece for the Lapwing Website about the fishing project it was the middle of winter – I’m writing this on midsummer’s day yet it seems not long ago since the long, cold winter months.
The young men involved with me on the fishing project have seen the seasons turn and have enjoyed a spring and early summer of fishing now and have had lots of interesting and exciting experiences. We have been watching the progress of the seasons and learning about the weather patterns and conditions associated with these changes

Both Andrew and Aaron both completed and passed their AQAs in Outdoor Cooking – which involved collecting fuel, building a fire to cook on, catching fish and preparing them along with other foods and cooking them out in the open. Oh yes, and eating them of course!! They did everything themselves – but I did help them eat them! Nothing nicer than cod cooked in breadcrumbs and fried scalloped potatoes in sub zero temperatures on a wood fire. Andrew has also completed an AQA in Finding and Identifying edible plants.

Andrew decided he would like to try his hand at teaching others to fish and has been teaching Jordan to fish. He has taught him sea fishing, carp fishing and general freshwater fishing. He has done really well at this – he seems to be a natural at teaching and could well go on to gain coaching qualifications in the sport. Jordan is really enjoying learning fishing and has caught some lovely fish – including the biggest “˜Lapwing’ cod of the year! I think Andrew was a bit envious of this at first – but I explained he could regard it as his fish too as he had been responsible for teaching Jordan how to do it. He was pleased at this thought – until I pointed out that on this basis all his fish were mine too! Andrew showed Jordan how to prepare and cook and eat it – so it did become partly his in the end!!

Andrew and Aaron have been learning to fly fish this spring. They have both learned to catch trout – and cook and eat them of course. Andrew came along to a trout fishery and helped introduce a delivery of new trout into the lake with me.

Aaron and I still go to the gym as well before we go fishing each session. Aaron is becoming very fit and strong as a result of this and is doing some AQAs in health and fitness topics, which involves him learning about sports nutrition, healthy eating, setting training programmes and so on. He is becoming very knowledgeable about health and fitness and could progress to gaining a teaching award in this as well as in fishing if he chooses to.

We have seen some wonderful wildlife over the past few months including seeing the progress of birds building nests, rearing their young, and watching the antics of the chicks growing into mature birds. We have seen grass snakes swimming past us – we have even come across a colony of terrapins which someone must have liberated at some time. We have had close encounters with foxes and deer. We have watched trees change from their bare leafless winter state to their full summer glory and discovered plants appearing and flowering in our favourite fishing “˜haunts’

Andrew and Aaron are both building up an impressive list of “˜personal best’ fish including large specimens of many species including bass, cod, eels, pike, carp, tench, roach, rudd, bream, perch, chub, trout and others. We are currently planning an overnight adventure in search of giant catfish for both of them! So watch this space!

Come along and chat to the three of us about our fishing adventures at the Lapwing Celebration Event on the 4th of July

Dave Nelson – Angling coach and guide
June 2012

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