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Noise Solution works with Lapwing student to create chart-busting new album

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Some very exciting news at Noise Solution this month when one of our students from Lapwing, Michael, was involved in recording a commercial album. The album ‘Fingertips’ by Lewis Mokkler was released this week and entered the singer-songwriter chart on iTunes at number 6!

Michael, who himself plays blues guitar, has been working with Noise Solution since last September to develop his skills in the studio by making tracks, recording and manipulating audio. He’s used his own musical interests and heroes to inspire his creativity and has secured a Bronze Arts Award. His Noise Solution sessions are held at the professional recording studio where, coincidentally, Lewis Mokkler was recording his new album.

The sound engineer asked Michael to help out with one of the tracks which was proving tricky to record. Michael was able to take charge of the recording desk and in the finished track receives the credit for sound engineering! Michael, who has not always found education accessible, has said that he is ‘lost for words’ at the latest development. The story doesn’t end here: Michael is now working towards a Silver Arts Award with Noise Solution and the album? It’s set to reach ever more listeners after Ed Sheeran told his 2.5 million twitter followers that he has bought a copy!

See Michael’s Blog here

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