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Resilience: Help Us Fundraise for Suffolk Children This Summer

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What does the word ‘resilience’ mean?

Although we may not realise it, most of us utilise resilience all the time, whether that be in businesses, relationships, or just everyday life. It’s the ability to bounce back and recover from setbacks, to keep going in the face of adversity.

Why is it needed?

Having this skill is vital as an adult in the workplace, but the foundations of resilience begin in childhood.


Childhood and adolescence can be a difficult time for any young person, but especially so for a child who’s been taken into care or has suffered trauma. For these children coping with problems becomes harder and harder, mental health can be affected and their behaviour at home or in the classroom is likely to deteriorate.

It may also mean their grades and performance drops, and they fall behind at school. Children facing all types of disadvantage are at risk and support is vital in helping children ‘bounce back’.

How the program aims to help those in need

Resilience is a program designed and delivered by Lapwing, a not for profit, education charity working across Suffolk. It offers individual programmes for children to engage in during the summer period. These personalised, educational activities will enable children to increase confidence, rebuild their self-esteem and regain their trust in adults.

The importance of funds

Lapwing have identified that during the summer months, it is crucial to support children facing negative life experiences. From July to August, there is no funding to support those children, meaning that they fall even further behind. Through our tailored one-one sessions, children learn resilience and the ability to turn their lives around.

Lapwing are looking to raise funds to offer the chance for 20 children from the local area to gain more resilience. We will be working with local schools to identify those who are particularly vulnerable and will most benefit from the Resilience program. Want to help get children the support they need during the summer months? Visit our Just Giving page:

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