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Spa Time for Communications Group

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Lapwing combats autism in Suffolk

The Lapwing Communications Group had a surprise last Monday morning when their learning session turned into a sensory spa session.

A borrowed footspa was turned into a handspa and a blockhead was used for some hairdressing practice. Student Damian really enjoyed the pampering hand massage, he loved the warm soapy water and Jamie accepted a hand massage from Damian which is a lovely bit of communication between two non-verbal students.

With mentor Bridie’s help Katie (pictured below) enjoyed adding a hairband and some hair clips to the blockhead. Katie does not have the arm strength nor the ability to do her own hair so she really enjoyed doing a girlie hair do on the blockhead. Robert (pictured below) was happy to have his hands in the warm water and loved the pampering which he is probably unaccustomed to! He was happy to share the handspa too and that is always a good thing.

Robert at the spa

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