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Working with schools

The Lapwing approach

Our specialist education team at Lapwing works in partnership with schools to get the best solutions and results for students, for your school and for the community. We typically work with students who are:

• At risk of exclusion

• School refusers

• Suspended

• Reintegrating (subsequent to suspension)

• Disruptive/unable to learn in a conventional classroom setting

• Displaying behaviours of concern

We have a proven track record of success, with measurable benefits, including:

• Improvement in pupil re-engagement/reintegration cutting down on managed moves or exclusions

• Students become aspirational and achieve goals, often leading to a change in their influence on other students, becoming positive rather

than negative

• Social/community benefit – students are less likely to become future offenders

• Our support and input makes managing these issues time effective and easier – a shared responsibility

• We find solutions that are sustainable, enabling continuing positive mainstream education

• Whole school benefits: more staff time is available for teaching all pupils, with less time spent on the disruptive few

A working partnership

When we work with schools and academies our first point of contact can vary, but has included:

• Pastoral Care Managers

• Special Educational Needs Coordinators

• Head Teachers

• Heads of Year

• Teachers

In order to develop and implement the most effective education plan for each student, we also liaise and coordinate with:

• Learning Support Assistants

• Families and Carers

• Local Authorities

• Other agencies where appropriate

Communication between all these groups is the key to success so that progress can be monitored, and any problems identified and dealt with quickly.

The Lapwing team for each student or group typically includes involvement from:

• Director of Education

• Programme Manager

• Programme Coordinators

• Tutors

• Coaches

Getting it right for individuals

We design and deliver continuing education for individual students.

Our programmes are community based and can include:

• Functional skills

• Music, arts, photography, film, animation

• Land based studies

• Vocational learning

• Work experience and social skills

We work closely with individual teachers and students to determine

the best approach – each case is different, and our lexibility and

open thinking enables us to work out the best plan. This is a threeway relationship, with the student at the centre between the school and Lapwing.

A practical plan

Step 1 – Meet with school contact to discuss student background and needs

Step 2 – Identify educational plan (jointly) with the school and the student

Step 3 – Design and agree individual educational plan (with input from school) – timing, content, outcomes and costs

Step 4 – Programme agreed and signed off (three-way sign off)

Step 5 – Programme begins/is monitored

Programmes can vary in length of time and are defined at the outset.

We will provide a cost to be agreed in advance.

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