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Hi, my name is James Willer. I am 20 years old and I am a student with Lapwing.

I was set a task to write an article about a Lapwing student called Paige and her tutor called Lucy. I wrote the article using the 5 W’s format which I have been learning with my mentor Jackie, which covers questions on “who, what, where, when and why”.

I started out by doing some research on both their websites ( and

I then thought of some questions to ask them and sent these to them by e-mail. Once they replied I then edited their answers


Who is Paige? Paige is a student who works with Lapwing.

Who is Lucy? Lucy is a tutor to Paige, a Lapwing student.


What does Paige do? Paige is studying textiles.

What is Paige’s favourite thing about what she does? Paige tells us that loves the freedom of being able to create and experiment with pretty much anything, however crazy it might be.

What is Paige’s favourite piece of work? Paige’s favourite piece of work is probably her bag and matching make-up case. It was one of the first things she ever made and Paige learnt a lot in the process of making it.

What does Paige have to wear? Paige doesn’t have to wear anything special whilst working, just usual everyday clothes.

What does Lucy do? Lucy works for herself as an illustrator when ever she has the time or gets the chance to do so. Lucy works three other creative jobs alongside teaching Paige.

Lucy was introduced to Lapwing by doing a workshop for the Waterfront Studios (who also tutor students from Lapwing) and being recommended to work with Paige. Lucy met Sophy to discuss the course then met Paige a few weeks later.

Lucy absolutely loves working with Lapwing. Lucy feels lucky to work with a student who has such passion and drive to create and make something out of her life.


Where do Paige and Lucy work?

Lucy teaches from her home, they work between several rooms depending on the task in hand.


When do Paige and Lucy work together? They meet twice a week on Tuesday and Thursdays for 90 minutes.

When did Paige and Lucy start working together? Lucy started working with Paige back in October 2010 so they are half way through their second school year.


Why does Paige do this work? It’s something she’s passionate about she’s always loved being creative but it had just been a hobby and she never saw or imagined it developing into anything more than that but now she gets to do it full time which she couldn’t be happier about!

Why does Paige feel so positive about Lapwing? When we asked Paige if she thinks Lapwing is a great provider she said “definitely”! She feels that Lapwing has suited her perfectly and given her so many great opportunities, without them and her tutor Lucy, Paige feels that she wouldn’t be where she is now!

Paige feels lucky that she gets to choose what her next project will be or what new skills she wants to learn, so as yet there hasn’t been anything Paige hasn’t enjoyed.

Before Paige started with Lapwing she was never sure what she wanted to do as a career but since being with them Paige definitely realised that this is what she loves to do and is the route she would like to carry on taking in the future when she leaves.

The textile industry is so vast, which is why being able to work and experiment in a multitude of styles and mediums is really great as it helps Paige to discover which areas she likes working in best.

Why is Lucy a tutor? Paige was interested in doing Textiles and with Lucy’s past of illustration, fashion and textiles, it seemed to be the perfect marriage to get Paige creating and making beautiful things.

Why does Lucy continue to work with Paige? Lucy and Paige have formed such a good relationship which has given them a stronger foundation to work on. There is trust and an understanding between them which makes it easier to learn in a relaxed environment.

Paige’s Work

Lucy’s Work

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